Mangrove is a British-owned, Singapore-based alternative asset manager focused on active value investment strategies in companies which meet our investment criteria.

We build businesses primarily in the industrial and business services sector. Our skills and experience are derived from creating and running lean and focused world beating enterprises. The numbers are critical but we are about running businesses and not simply running spread sheet models.

We have a particular focus on emerging markets as that is where we have enjoyed a strong and sustained record of success.

We work side by side with portfolio companies to ensure that shareholder value is being maximized. In certain cases we take executive roles within our portfolio companies for a period of time in order to give a boost to existing management efforts and ensure that there is working knowledge at investor level of the opportunities and challenges our businesses face.

There is no question that our approach is unusual but it has been an approach which has been effective in generating enduring value for our investors and beneficial outcomes for our management teams.